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5 best Airbnb Tokyo in 2020- IT Tech Lover :

Do you want to visit Tokyo but you not find the best Airbnb Tokyo? If you face these problems then here you can select the best apartment. Which is related to your budget. Let’s discuss:

1.Luxury Apartment for four:

There are many apartments in the list of luxury but today we tell about the luxury apartment for four-person. Pick advantage of outstanding furnishing. If you visit Tokyo then it sure to get started on the right foot. Public transportation is nearby to you. You can order at any time and get the delivery in just 5 hours. After listening, hope you will happy. The apartment is fitted with a natural look and also a series of amenities that include Wi-Fi access, laundry, and television- the perfect for you to relax after visiting Tokyo. A beautiful kitchen waiting for you. You can save your money with home-cooked meals.

Airbnb Tokyo

The Ghibli Museum and the Robot Restaurant aren’t far from your apartment. You can also find the restaurant and other rooftop bars in your area, especially near the city! After arriving, you can drive right into the action. Here are four beds spreads across two bedrooms, plus a separate bathroom to share. You can’t find this type of apartment in Tokyo.

2. Japanese Gem with Hidden Two-Storey:

The Japanese gem has its own right, it offers up to six guests. This apartment has three bedrooms, four beds, and a private bathroom to share and there are enough things that are available in Japanese gem. In this apartment, also include the massage chair, a hammock, wi-fi, a stocked kitchen, and also an indoor fireplace. You have to watch an episode on television. It is the best Airbnb in Japan. This rental is only one in the city which offers a hot tub!

You can access the local location by public transportations like Ikebukuro, Yanesen, and Asakusa in your area. It far from your apartment with a seven-minute walk from world-wide famous Onsen.

3. Outstanding Cedar apartment:

Do you want that this journey converts into a memorable frame? If yes then this apartment completes your wish. When you start and end this vocation with Airbnb Tokyo that delivers consistent, elegant hospitality. In this apartment, you enjoy the service of laundry provisions, wireless internet access, television, and much more. This apartment for seven guests. So, you can enjoy this journey with friends or family. Six individual beds with a private bedroom, make for accessible quarters without an extra price. You can make it the best Airbnb Tokyo for your families.

You can see the wonderful local restaurants, bars and museums, and the fashion gallery. It is far from three minutes’ walk to closet public transportation. You can reach anywhere in Tokyo at an only moment notice.

4. Shibuya Apartment (Known as a natural house)

If you are happy about visiting Tokyo, this Airbnb will be perfect for you. Just a 5-minute walk from Hatagaya station. This apartment has 2 single beds and a bathroom. It located in the neighborhood in Shibuya, you loved his simplicity and cleanliness of the space. His host provides you everything which you need in the central Tokyo accommodation.

5. Three Bedroom house Homely in Setagaya-Ku:

You loved this place because they have a white, grey, and light wood scheme of this minimalist Japanese houses. It is decorated with low to the ground furniture as well as home office room for working around the clock, three bedrooms that can accommodate your guest. Guests can find you easily because it is 4 minutes far from Komazawa-Daigaku metro station. You can enjoy here wonderful bars, restaurants and unique cafes in Tokyo satiated near from the house.



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