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5 best travel games for kids to play in Airplane, Cars, and Hotels:

When you go to travel then first, you think that which places are right for traveling. There are some excellent travel games which kids or adults love much.

We also played this game and suggest you the best travel games in 2020. We make a list of travel games, including board games, stratic games, dice games, magnetic games, and classic favorites. These games are much popular, and also, your kids or teenager (or both) will love to play with you.

These games, which are mention below, are cheap and easy to play. You can also plane for your next family vacation.


Do you want to play the game without any pencil or board? If yes, then this Bananagrams game best for you and your family. It is similar to “the Alphabet Game.” Bananagrams is a fast and frantic word game enjoyed by millions! It comes into a small banana pooch that perfect to age 7 to home or then goes. It is available with different languages like Dutch, French, English, Hungarian, Spanish, Hebrew, German, Polish, Nigerian, and much more. Thousands of positive reviews don’t lie.


Pass the PIGS:

When do you see this name of the game, you think that what is this? Is this a game? But the answer to this question is yes because this is a fantastic game. After all, if you enjoy a road or pool or river, you can play it. In this game, you have two pigs and also required two people to play this game. The first person sends you pigs, then you send on the other side. When first people send you pigs, then you catch it. If you do not see pigs, then you will lose your point. Some people play this game with facts or numbers. This game has three versions, which are mention below:

pass the pigs
  • Classic
  • Super-Size
  • Big Party


This is an addictive and short version of the game. Mostly child and teenagers like this version because this is too simple. In this game, you have a score pad and two pigs available in this game box. The next step is you pick both pigs and take it on your hand, then shake your hand and leave. Determine the sign and put the number in the score pad. If you do not understand, you can watch the video, which clearly describes how to play Pass the Pigs?

What is available in the classic box?

  • 2 Pigs
  • Score Pad
  • Plastic Cover
  • 2 pencils


This is an upgraded version of passing the pigs. This version for select parties. You can bounce around the garden, pool, or river. We think that you never give the pigs like this one. Determine their landing and note the point on the score pad.


  • 2 Plastic Inflatable Pigs
  • Polyester Drawstring Bag
  • 2 plastic definition rod
  • Score pad
  • Repair seal
  • 2 pencils

Pig Party:

This version for party animals. There are 8 pigs in the game to play with. Ready your pigs and start first to do it. If you start early then you got 100 point bounce. This version for both people who like to play games with mind.


  • 8 small plastic pigs
  • 30 cards
  • Carry Case

Hope you like this game. When we are playing this game then really, this game is lovely and charming.

Spot It!

This game is available with different themes, and its 55 cards store in a small tin bag. This game is best for hotels and airplanes because this is a memory game. You can lose cards between airplane seats. In this game, there is only one and one matching symbol. You can play this game with 1-8 players. Spot it fast and win.


ISPY is a classic game. In this game, the player selecting an object around them and giving the other person a clue to find him. These games include 48 jumbo cards with simple pictures and cross ponding object. If you think that you are preschoolers, join the I spy Travel card game for university games.

This version is for children who have 7+ ages.

Rory’s Story Cubes:

This game answer you correctly. Rory’s story cubes are the hottest travel game. Because if you play it then you traveling much comfortably. This is a dice game and fits into small pooch. In this game, players roll the dice and tell story-based pictures shown the dice that you have on upward. Storytelling is the main feature of this game. We saw a child to play this game. You can create a fun playing with multiple players. We tell you that this game answers your perfect, it gets the juice, and different tales are told you the first line.



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