Best laptops under $500

Best Laptops under $500 – Best Windows & Chromebook Laptops


A cheap laptop that doesn’t stink is the best laptop under $500.

Acer Aspire E 15 and Acer Aspire 5 are the best laptops under $500 with Windows 10 working framework following a comprehensive evaluation of many quality frameworks. In order to help you to choose between the Acer Aspire E15 and Acer Aspire 5, we discounted the Acer Aspire 5 from the comparison. Between the HP Chromebook 15 and HP Chromebook x2, you’ll find the best Chromebooks under $500. Our review of the new Acer Swift 3 was completed recently, though its fair battery life didn’t enable it to make this rundown. Moreover, we also looked at the HP Pavilion 14 (2020), which is about $500. We have the best deals on modest laptops. 

If you do not follow through with an extraordinary price, you won’t be left disrupted by the best laptops under $500. With full-HD shows, powerful performance, and long battery life, there are esteemed notepads that come with all the ports that you may need. There will be fewer options in this price range, though there will be one with a touch screen. 

Buying a laptop at this cost actually means that you must make a few sacrifices. We have a page dedicated to the best children tablets, in case you need something for your child.  

How do you choose best laptops under $500?

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of this specific Acer Aspire 5 model because it’s been on the Amazon PC success list for quite a while. The reasons are obvious. AMD Ryzen 3-driven Aspire 5 laptop packs some quality highlights at a reasonable cost, including a large Full-HD display, a thin, streamlined case, and able performance for ordinary jobs. 

Windows 10 PCs this cheap have some downsides, all things considered. The Aspire 5’s RAM is underwhelming at 4GB and its SSD is confined to 128GB, while battery life falls short when compared to similarly priced Aspire 5 models that cost less. 

If, however, you prefer using a Chromebook, there are three good models available right now: HP Chromebook 15, HP Chromebook x2, and Samsung Chromebook  4. There is no better all-around laptop than the HP Chromebook 15. A Chromebook typically looks excruciatingly tiring.

Best Laptops under $500:

With great battery life and decent performance, we thank Acer company which provides the best laptop under $500.


Weight3.76 Pounds
GPU Intel UHD 620
Display15.9″ 1920×1080
Size14.3×9.9×0.7 Inch

Acer Aspire 5: 

There are no equals in the modest PC field to Acer’s Aspire 5. Acer Aspire laptop used to be incredibly affordable and fast PCs with a lot of memory, with a lot of capacity and capability. In spite of the cheap materials, the terrible screen, and huge size (including the CD copier), it was remarkable at the price. 

It has a more traditional design that sheds a portion of the thickness, RIP, and the CD copier for a more streamlined, more moderate machine. Chiclet-style keys, a basic plastic body, and a whole bunch of ports including a full-sized HDMI port, USB Type C, three USB ports, and a true blue Ethernet port make this notebook a nice choice. The new Aspire also offers some refreshed plan suggestions which give it an air of class that the previous one lacked. 

The updated Aspire indicated in our tests that it’s still a great machine on the off chance that you’re looking for a lot of power and ports without spending a lot. I found the machine to be more than sufficient for carrying out essential tasks.

  • Light Weight
  • Excellent Perfomance
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • High Resolution Display
  • Average Graphics
  • Diminishing Build quality


Weight5 Pounds
Storage1TB 5400 rpm HDD
GPU Intel UHD 620
Display15.9″ 1920×1080
Size15×10.2×1.2 Inch

Acer Espire E15:

Its 8th Generation Core i3 processor and a variety of ports will make the Acer Aspire E 15 a terrific deal under $400. The battery lasts just under nine hours, which is slightly longer than last year’s model, even with the power boost. Smooth black plastic gives the laptop a deceivingly premium look, while the brushed metal texture adds a touch of depth and distinction.

While it still has the DVD writer and USB Type-C port, the Aspire E 15 18 has 6GB of RAM. With no problems, the laptop loaded 10 Firefox tabs, even while playing a 1080p YouTube video. The keys on the keyboard are well-spaced and springy, making typing comfortable. As one of the best laptops under $500, the Aspire E 15 is a good buy considering what you get.

  • Strong Battery Perfomance
  • Decent Perfomance
  • Unmeter Ports
  • Bloatware is present
  • Bustry Design
Lenovo Chromebook Duet - IT Tech Lover


Weight2 Pounds
Display10.1 Inch 1920×1200
CPUMediaTechHelio P60T

Lenovo Chromebook Duet:

While the Lenovo Chromebook Duet (for $279) appears like a harmless diary, it is actually a small laptop with a 10.1-inch screen. 

Even though the Lenovo Chromebook Duet has a long battery life, it isn’t its lone appealing characteristic – it lasted for more than 13 hours during our battery test, exceeding the typical 10-hour runtime of Chromebooks. 

Chromebooks such as the Lenovo Chromebook Duet are appreciated for their cost-saving features. With a lightweight computer, one can complete many tasks across the web for a relatively small price.

  • A full charge lasts a long time
  • Display with colors
  • Performance is satisfactory
  • Plus, a keyboard and kickstand are included
  • No Good Camera
  • Wonky Stand Cover
  • Cripy Keyboard


Weight3.2 Pounds
Storage32GB eMMC
Size14 Inch
Processor1.1 GHz Celeron
Memory Speed2.6 GHz

Hp Chromebook 14:

HP Chromebook 14 is an ideal illustration of how the best laptops under $500 have a great deal of capacity and low cost. The 14-inch Chromebook is similar to the Acer Chromebook 15 from many perspectives, but it is more compact and has a better design. The HP Chromebook 14 is topped with a brilliant blue finish and a screen that will leave you dumbfounded – despite the fact that it has a small battery life and poor execution. 

It is especially amazing for its thinness and lightweight, which makes it a great tool for individuals in need of a portable and durable PC. This is an extraordinary option in the event that you need a computer to work on while sitting on a couch. It also includes many ports, including HDMI-out, USB 3.0, and the MicroSD slot, which makes it a remarkably versatile PC at a reasonable price.

  • Trackpad and keyboard are superb
  • Speed and responsiveness are hallmarks of Chrome OS
  • Screen with sharp, vivid colors
  • Powerless compared to other chromebook
  • Normal battery life


Weight3.6 pounds
Size1920×1080 pixels

Lenovo Ideapad 3i :

With its dim display and poor battery life, Lenovo has not been able to crack the formula for a great budget laptop.

It’s better to get a cheap laptop to have around the house for checking email and surfing the web if all you need is to check email.

Besides that, the colorful brushed aluminum case makes it far more appealing than most around this price point, so you’ll never want to hide it away. The keyboard and trackpad are nice, and the performance is excellent for the price.

  • Well-crafted & stylish
  • Daily performance is good
  • Excellent keyboard & trackpad
  • Viewing angles are limited on dim screens
  • Batteries last too long
  • This webcam has a resolution of 0.3Mp
  • USB-C is not available
Hp Chromebook 15 - IT Tech Lover
HP Chromebook 15 is without a doubt the best Chromebook you can buy for a great price, thanks to a great battery life and a stylish design. Within a short period, it became one of the top laptops under $500.


GPUIntel UHD 620
CPUCore i3-8130U
Display15.6 inch 1920×1080
Size14.11×9.69×0.7 Inches
Weight4 Pounds

HP ChromeBook 15:

It’s your best option if you need a Chromebook at a great price and with a larger, sharper display. A Chromebook with the performance of a Core i3 and a comfortable keyboard is only $469. An HP logo in shiny, silver letters appears in the top left corner of the white metal hood, along with a blacked-out Chrome symbol. With around circular hinge, HP Chromebook 15 looks much elegant.

A 9-hour, 51-minute battery life rounds out the package. There are two USB Type-C ports on the device, a USB Type-A port, and a microSD card slot as well. It has the benefit of having excellent real estate, is sharp and relatively bright, even though the display isn’t that colorful. You can’t get a better laptop at such a low price.

  • The new look is refreshing
  • Long battery life is an added bonus
  • Performance at a high level
  • Display that warms your eyes
  • Miniature audio
Samsung Chromebook 4
A good laptop under $500 is the Samsung Chromebook 4, if your main concern is battery life. Combine thin design with a good keyboard to complete the package.


CPUIntel Celeron 3000N
GPUIntel UHD 600
Storage32GB eMMC
Display11.6 Inch 1366×768
Size11.33×7.96×0.66 Inch
Weight2.6 pounds

Samsung Chromebook 4:

There is nothing better than the Samsung Chromebook 4 ($229, available at Micro Center) if you’re looking for an affordable Chromebook. The laptop’s battery lasting time was over 10 hours and 36 minutes, exceeding the best battery life of any laptop under $500. Chromebooks have been copying MacBooks for years, and their curved edges and silver hue make the Samsung Chromebook look very similar. My first thought was that its aluminum top would be nice, but I was surprised to see its plastic body.

At this price, Samsung Chromebook with 4GB RAM and a 3000N processor. Also, provide decent battery timing. Because it has a good keyboard, it is ideal for people who only need a laptop to type, but the audio and screen aren’t very impressive. It’s a solid ultraportable laptop because of its lightweight and decent performance.

  • Batteries last longer
  • Better than competitors in terms of thickness and weight
  • An acceptable performance
  • Touchless display with dimming
  • Major bezel chunkiness
Acer Aspire 1


CPUN4500 Platinum
Storage128GB eSATA
Size‎20 x 9.4 x 0.78 Inches
Display15.6 1920×1080
Weight4.19 Pounds

Acer Aspire 1:

Its keyboard and surprisingly good quality screen make the Aspire 1 a dependable budget laptop from Acer. A 720p webcam is also included

A great deal of functionality is also provided by the laptop, including decent battery life and fast charging.

The Intel Pentium processor paired with 4GB of RAM will be able to handle basic tasks, but only 64GB of storage is available. However, the top model of the Aspire 1 only comes in pink, so it doesn’t appeal to as many people.

  • HD screen with an IPS panel
  • Keyboard that works well
  • Charges smoothly and lasts long
  • Storage is limited
  • Speakers are not very good
  • Performance problems


GPUAmd Radeon
Storage128GB SSD
Display14 Inches 1366×768
Size‎12.76 x 8.9 x 0.78
Weight3.25 Pounds

HP Pavilion 14:

It offers a stylish design, good build quality, and decent specs, so if you don’t mind stretching your budget, the Pavilion 14 from HP ($489) is an excellent choice.

As a powerful portable computer with a fingerprint scanner, a good webcam, a touchscreen, a B&O speaker, and a touchscreen, it’s a good choice for those who need a machine to handle a variety of tasks.

Due to the latest 11th-generation Intel processors and other solid components, battery life is middling but performance is above average. Wireless connectivity is also good and the ports are plentiful.

  • An elegant design
  • Audio by B&O
  • Excellent performance
  • Durability of the battery on average
  • Keys that are rigid
Do you require something super portable? Because it features long battery life, premium aluminum chassis, and is crazy lightweight, Acer Swift 1 is one of the best laptops under $500. (IT Tech Lover)


CPUIntel Platinum N5000
GPUIntel UHD 605
Storage64GB eMMC
Display14″ 1920×1080
Size12.7 x 9.0 x 0.6 inches
Weight2.5 Pounds

Acer Swift 1:

It features a full aluminum chassis, a surprisingly high number of ports, and a sleek and lightweight design for under $400. Then you add 10 hours and 14-minute battery life and a 14″ display with a 1080p resolution instead of the 768p of the previous model. 

This laptop is powered by an Intel Pentium Silver N5000 and comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage to do at least 10 Google Chrome tabs at once without any noticeable lag. For a laptop this cheap, the Swift 1 has a decent 720p webcam. If you want a lightweight laptop under $500, the Acer Swift 1 is a great choice.

  • Aluminum chassis with lightweight design
  • Batteries last longer
  • Ports of all sizes available
  • Display that is dull and dim
  • The build quality isn’t perfect

Which laptop should you choose for under $500?

There is no one answer for choosing the best laptop under $500 that suits everyone. In fact, you wouldn’t even need to spend an additional $500 to get our top performers, the Acer Aspire E 15 and the Acer Aspire 5. While it may be outside the range of your current budget, it may be worth thinking about saving if you can, since these laptops feature Intel Core i3 processors, which are extremely rare in under $500 laptops.

The best option for you, however, may be to use a Chromebook if you do not mind using ChromeOS. I’ll be right over. For the same price, it has more features and is cheaper than a Windows 10 laptop with a stripped-down operating system. Under $500, you can buy laptops like the HP Chromebook 15, the Acer Swift 1, or the Samsung Chromebook 4.

What can I do if I cannot find the exact laptop review?

Our aim is to ensure that all laptops available here can be purchased worldwide whenever possible. As the budget laptop market is extremely volatile and retailers usually secure limited stock of any model, there is a possibility that laptops may disappear from stock without our noticing it. A frequent check will be conducted.

There are many laptop models with slight differences in specifications offered by a manufacturer, such as the size of the hard drive. The specification differences between these alternatives generally don’t make purchasing one of them a risk.

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