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Top 10 Education apps for adults in 2020 – IT Tech Lover:

At this time, almost everyone uses smartphones and also want to become tech-savvy. The internet has a significant role in education. Android or iOS apps play a vital role in our lives. We can use them for educational purposes. Every app is better than others, but they all achieve the same goal. If you want to learn about technology or anything, then here are the best education apps for adults!


Coursera provides you with the best courses without any fees. You can learn from anywhere at any time with this app. It is affiliated with top-notch universities all around the world to bring you quality education on courser 600 courses available with 20 subjects and also available in 14 different languages. The course was available in two ways. You can learn by watch videos or reading sections. You can participate in any direction and get a certification on that. This app is available on android and iOS.


Wikipedia is also called encyclopedia because on this app or website; you can learn everything about history or technology and much more. If you need any kind of information, you can find it on Wikipedia. The good thing about Wikipedia is you can share your feedback about the article if you want to feedback about any item then first you log in on Wikipedia and write what you think regarding this topic. If you have a valid point, then Wikipedia works on your location.


3.EDX-Online Class:

It also provides you with a wide range of content like

  • Biology, 
  • Business and 
  • Management, 
  • Calculus, 
  • Chemistry, 
  • Computer Science,
  • Programming (Python, Linux, Java, C++, Scratch)

And much more. These lectures are from the expert instructor at Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Tsinghua and Microsoft Universities. You can learn any subject at any time and anyplace. When you complete your course, then you will get a certificate from EdX. 


This application is a list in the top learning application and also it available for android and iOS. It has more than 13 million students are learning new skills and achieve their goals from 40 thousand courses taught by an expert instructor. Do you want to explore your skills? Then we suggest you this app. Because here you can learn anything like:

  • Programming
  • Math
  • Languages
  • Business
  • Science 
  • And much more.

In this application, the content is available in video, E-book and Audio. If you want to learn with a different language, then you can learn it because it also provides courses with a different language. If you have no time, but you want to learn then download the audio or video and listen that anywhere, anytime.


We suggest you this app instead of Facebook because Quora never lose your interest. If you have any question, then post on quora, and you will get an answer from expert people. If you have answers to the question, you can also respond to other items. First, create an account on Quora and go home, post the replies. So, install ASAP and solve your question within 2 minutes.



Udacity is not providing the free content; if you want to learn any course from Udacity, then you pay some fees. This app is different from another app. After completing the course, then you will get your certification on them. We like one thing in audacity that you can personalize your class and get the best content for yourself. Every course has an available in-depth and natural language. Some apps provide you with videos and content, but this app is not producing. It provides this feature in the paid course.

7.Khan Academy:

Khan academy provide you traditional subject like 

  • Math
  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • And much more.

It is same as it Coursera and Udemy but don’t focus on too much. There are 10,000 video courses available with different language and subject. This application is free of cost. You can use this application when you want to polish your old stuff. There is also a kid’s version for all of you with youngsters out there. We suggest you go to edX where you can learn much courses from actual college for free.

8.Amazon Kindle:

Are you interested in reading books? If yes, then you like this app. Amazon kindle provide you with unlimited books with a variety of subjects. Books are available for both kids and adults at reasonable prices. Reading every day, improve your grammar, vocabulary, spelling and your knowledge. Suppose you have a book which helps people then you can also sale on Amazon kindle. Just go to the website and create an account then you upload your book and also mention the price. If you do not find any book in the world, then you can find on amazon kindle. We hope that you got it.

9.Google Arts & Culture:

If you are interested in arts and culture, then this app is right for you. This app is tiny for education, but it provides you with a lot of information about arts and culture. You can also see the tours of historical places, museums and many other things with 360-degree. Arts expert post arts pictures which help you more. If you are expert or intermediate in arts, then you can also post on it. Just create an account and post your arts which engage you with more people. Hope that you like this application and you never lose your hope.


In the world of the internet, YouTube is an excellent application for learning anything. YouTube is a video platform that is used for a lot of things. You can use it by learning and also use it for earning. When you read earning then yes you can make from it. Just create a channel on YouTube and then provide content in the shape of the video. When you did 1k subscriber and 4k hours watch time, then you can participate in YouTube creator. You can find cat video, music video, or daily vlogs. Do you know that daily 8.0 million are online on YouTube? Every third person learning from YouTube because on YouTube, there are many instructors to learning you. There is a lot of video about tech, cooking, music, math, science and also have videos for kids. It is a compelling app that is both for kids and adults.



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