Will Laptop Ram Work on a Desktop

Will laptop RAM work on a desktop?


“Will laptop RAM work on a desktop” is the most frequently asked question this year. This question can be answered by saying “Yes, you can use laptop memory on a desktop computer.” But they cannot be fit because they have different module sizes.

Will laptop RAM work on a desktop

Is it Possible?

Your computer case doesn’t have to have a spare bay, and your power supply/interface must be able to handle the size of the HDD you will be installing.

A laptop’s memory module size, shape, and speed may differ from that of a desktop computer’s memory module. A desktop computer’s memory module will determine whether they are compatible.

In computing, two main interfaces are used: DDR3 (240 or SODIMM) and DDR4. SODIMMs with 204 pins are used with DDR2, which is a smaller type of standard module.

Will laptop RAM work on a desktop

From one form factor to another, you can convert using adapters. The disadvantage of these is that they are not compatible with both sides of the Power Supply Unit (PSU), controllers, and sockets. This is optional. If so, you will need to buy RAM that matches the standard specifications of the motherboard.

LPDDR is also not compatible with a desktop since the memory controller on the CPU doesn’t support all features, such as large bursts.

When I watched one video, I saw the result of LPDDR on the desktop.


As you can read, will laptop RAM work on a desktop? However, I highly recommend against it. Because laptop ram is not perfectly compatible with desktop. I hope that you will understand. If you have any questions then you must ask me in the comment below..

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